MARC is a multidisciplinary artistic research collective and a platform established by musician Giuseppe Doronzo, visual artist Roman Ermolaev, curator Michela Trovato Giancardillo and artist and researcher Andrea Knezović. Its central focus is to encourage and develop hybrid collaborative practices between artists, researchers and partner institutions. By producing interdisciplinary projects, think-tank workshops, symposiums and educational programmes MARC examines intersectionality, institutional ethnographies and overall topics of societal relevance.

Our Vision

Looking at the research as a form of artistry, and creativity as a form of enquiry - MARC has aligned itself as a communal entity constituted to support and celebrate hybrid practices and socio-cultural innovations. Examining contemporary urgencies through the multiplicity of perspectives, we tackle discursive paradigms and envisioning future potentialities through co-directed collective exercises forged in cooperation and creative diversity.

One of the central missions of MARC is to bridge the gap between different artistic fields and research trajectories by creating strategic partnerships and projects that produce and share discursive knowledge, ideas and professional opportunities.

MARC is forged in the cooperative spirit and collaborative attitudes placing communal prospect at the centre of its focus. Our primary goal is to create and strengthen an artistic research network that is gravitating around our programme. The mission of MARC’s social architecture is to create a cohesive, sustainable community of hybrids (hybrid creative practitioners) that fosters a sense of professional belonging, structure, opportunities and institutional support. Our community is comprised of artists, thinkers, researchers, academic misfits and unaligned creative practitioners that are expanding their creative interests while actively producing, collaborating and networking. MARC’s activities aim to promote and diversify the landscape of hybrid creative knowledge exchange by providing guidance, community and resources for the hybrid professionals.

Care policy

MARC is committed to the ideas and values of inclusive horizontal collaborations that nurture diversity, freedom of expression and fair conduct. Radical equality, respect and empathy are core values of our community. Our priority is to create a supportive creative environment that is enabling groups and individuals to strive towards their potential, as well as feel comfortable in expressing their uniqueness. We encourage and welcome multiplicity of mentalities, critical thinking and performances within our network and projects. We believe that only with a sincere approach to communal care we can grow sustainably and spring up new innovative futures.