MARC Agora #1

October 4th 2023 18:30 - Location  LOLA Lieven

MARC Agora are events where artists, researchers, thinkers and different creatives gather to network, present, brainstorm and test their ideas amongst peers from different creative fields and practices.

MARC Agora events offer creatives and thinkers to engage and learn about different topics, create a sustainable network of hybrid practitioners, ask questions, play with ideas, or look for collaborations — all in a friendly atmosphere.

The Agora events sprung up from a need to facilitate a space where creatives can share, exchange and test their ideas on regular basis outside specific formal structures such as study programmes, residencies or work environments. We offer a network and space in which everyone is welcome to contribute and seek creative and professional advice.

Agora events are organized in three clusters:

  • Presentations (5-minute pitch presentations or performances where four new artists are introduced each time to the network).
  • Pose a question! (brainstorming seasons where we collectively try to find a solution to questions or challenges participants experience with their practice, project, exhibition/events, writings, or research)
  • Informal networking.