Contemporaneity through archives

About & Scope of project
MARC aims to produce audio visual projects based on a specific topic with a strong emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration.

MARC will select three artists coming from different disciplines to develop together a new production based on the topic of heritage. This project will take place during the course of two months, with an engagement of 2-3 days per week. We are looking for artists who are ready to contribute with their expertise, knowledge and interest in the topic to our project. 

During this time the artists will be in contact with experts in the field, invited by MARC’s founders, and receive feedback from weekly focus groups (See our method page). The collaborative process will be documented and shared on MARC’s online platform and social media.

As a cultural organization, MARC aspires to be a microcosm of an inclusive society, so we welcome applications from anyone interested in the project.

Theme: Heritage in the Era of the Digital Cloud

“Contemporaneity is a state of being occupied by rhythm, which is not in sync with a human being.”    
(Franco Bifo Berardi)

The theme for the launch of MARC is Heritage in the Era of the Digital Cloud: Contemporaneity Through Archives. The era of the digital cloud puts into question the way we create, preserve and transmit our work.

In which form will our heritage exist in the future? When, how and where do we rediscover the digital media archive? What is the ritual in creating a digital cloud? What kind of heritage are we creating through the digital cloud?

Participating Artists:
  • Kurina Sohn
  • Mirelle van Tulder
  • Robbert van Hulzen