Survival of the filters 

Curated Realities: Survival of the Filters is the first exhibition of the multidisciplinary artistic research collective MARC.

Taking as a starting point the topic of Heritage in the Era of the Digital Cloud, our investigation explored the relationship that binds us to heritage, archives and the digital cloud. We looked at heritage as a storytelling tool and what happens when decontextualized elements enter the digital cloud. What new storylines does this recontextualization create? What is our agency when interacting with these systems?

Curated Realities is an experimentation with the archive created by the documentation of our artistic process. Challenging the depth of realness and the limits of documentation, we explored what reality could be created through the selection and organisation of elements of our process. If we look at documentation as a fiction generating tool, what stories are created and what data is lost in the presentation?

The process echoes in the exhibition through intertwined layers which at the same are a manifestation of the six different perspectives and of the collective point of view. The exhibition is not seen as a place to offer answers, but as an opportunity to start a dialogue and open the flow of awareness.

Participating Artists:
  • Giuseppe Doronzo
  • Kurina Sohn
  • Mirelle van Tulder
  • Robbert van Hulzen
  • Roman Ermolaev

Curated by Michela Trovato Giancardillo