What do we do

The scope of our practice is to enable selected artists and researchers to innovate, explore and expand their creative enquiry by engaging in residency programmes, exhibition events, mentorship trajectories, workshops, symposiums and partnering projects. Our projects investigate through curated narratives vast relationships between instrumentalization of the imagination, potential strategies of future social designs and speculative institutional mythologies. As an ever-growing entity, we are also probing the boundaries between the theoretical speculations and the entropy of its applied manifestations —finding a middle ground between those dichotomous relationships through collective-creative envisioning.

By using unorthodox investigative, cross-discipline methodologies our programme and collaborations offer unique perspectives and solutions to artistic research and its particular focus topics. We aim to enrich the artistic research discourse by creating laboratories and
think tanks targeting specific social-cultural questions. Our goal is to strengthen and promote hybrid bonds between art & research in the Dutch cultural landscape and beyond.