MARC #2: Open Call 
‘Mythologies of Certainty’

What are the ways we ritualize certainty in the age of hyper-narratives, geopolitical shifts, and 24/7 neoliberal regimes? What is it so endemic to our human nature that continuously seeks to construct and design scenarios that forecast and mythologise certainty? How do we measure it through culture and language? What are its roles in strengthening our sense of social dependability? And why do we fetishize certainty and adherently attach to it the idea of permanence?

The new topic of MARC #2, Mythologies of Certainty, aims to unpack such a definite construct by exploring and probing its social potency while negotiating different systemic, institutional and social implications. MARC is venturing into a creative search around the notion of certainty, and its performative and mytho-political aspects. How do we proceed sustainably in the age of crisis narratives? And can we rely on the presumed constructs of certainty to guide us forward, or do we need to revise entirely our relationship with it?

We invite applicants to join us in this creative and intellectual exploration and suggest, speculate, question or re-imagine the vast spectrum of fabulations around this notion, its mythological and performative aspects. The residency is imagined as a process-based production, modelled by the residents and the guest contributors. Besides stimulating different creative outputs through experimentations, exhibitions and events—the programme serves as well as a think-tank hub that generates topic-related knowledge production.

We welcome researchers, artists, writers, curators, thinkers, musicians, designers, and savvy creatives to respond to the MARC 2# open call session and submit their perspective proposals.

We are looking forward to receiving your applications at the following email address:

Important Dates
May 22th: Proposal submission deadline
May 27th: Interview with possible candidates
October 2022 - June 2023: Period of Artists in Cooperation Fellowship (A.I.C.F.) with an engagement of one week a month
June 2023: Presentation of the production

Application Requirements
All application documents must be submitted or translated in English. Your application should include:
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Application video (around 3 min, phone quality accepted), outlining your specific interest in participating in MARC’s activities, why you are interested in the topic and how your participation in the project will affect your practice
  • Portfolio (see guidelines for each discipline here)

Selection Criteria
  • Merit of past work
  • Potential to develop creative practice and impact the community of MARC and beyond
  • Readiness to engage with and benefit from the A.I.C.F.
  • Applicants are professional artists based in NL (see guidelines for all the disciplines)

  • To support and invest in individuals at the cutting edge of their fields, whose work will impact the cultural landscape at large
  • To provide artists the opportunity to explore and experiment in a cooperative way
  • To bring artists and thinkers into a dynamic community of local, national, and international artists: a professional network of creative practitioners and thinkers

Provisions and Production Facilities
  • Research and exhibition space with partnering institutions (WOW Amsterdam, etc)
  • Artists’ library
  • Basic audio/video equipment
  • Meetings with relevant guests
  • Production tools
  • Production budget (Contingent to grant application)
  • Artist fee (Contingent to grant application)