MARC is a multidisciplinary artistic research collective, which stimulates collaboration between artists of different disciplines through the production of topic-based interdisciplinary projects.

MARC was co-founded by musician Giuseppe Doronzo 🎷, visual artist Roman Ermolaev 🎬 and curator Michela Trovato Giancardillo 🏝. Our team aims to establish a platform where selected artists are free to express their creativity without being confined to the boundaries of a particular discipline or style. Multidisciplinary collaboration is at the core of our project as it gives an opportunity to come in contact with different artistic approaches, and to open oneself to new thinking patterns.

One of the foundations of MARC is to bridge the gap between artists and the audience by offering insights into the creative process through weekly videos 📹 shared on our online platforms.



Giuseppe Doronzo (1987, Barletta, IT) is an Italian saxophonist and composer based in Amsterdam. Music Revelation 2018 for All About Jazz, he is considered as “One of the most exciting fresh voices in the jazz and impro scene in the world” (Trouw/Jazzism).

He focuses his research on the baritone saxophone, aiming to explore a vocabulary that bridges his background in contemporary classical music, jazz improvisation and micro tonal makam music.  He has performed internationally with artists covering various fields of the international art scene including Michael Moore, Joe Lovano, Vince Mendoza, Mariem Hassan and Han Bennink. His composition works have been supported by the FPK and performed in international festivals and venues including the Shanghai World Music Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival, Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz Festival and the Bimhuis. Besides his music ensembles, he writes for film, dance and contemporary circus. In 2018 he founded the Amsterdam based record label Tora Records. He has been giving music workshops and lectures in several spaces and institutions together with the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (NL), New York University (US) and Marmara University of Arts (TR).


Roman Ermolaev (1991, Saint Petersburg, RU) graduated from the VAV Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2017. In the same year, he won the EYE Research Lab Award for best audiovisual work at the EYE Filmmuseum. In January 2018, he received the Young Artsupport Amsterdam Award, and his graduation project Holy Land became part of the EYE Filmmuseum collection. His work has been exhibited in various galleries, institutions and Film Festivals in the Netherlands and abroad, his films have been screened in the different film festivals including IFFR. He was teaching fine art in Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2018-2019.

Roman is a multidisciplinary artist working on the intersection of film, animation, photography and installation art often approached through the analysis of historical events and their affects on the precarious living conditions of an expats living abroad. Concerned with the shifting paradigm for a foreigner as an unstable element of the society, he aims to explore the potential for an alternative course of history. As a contemporary image maker, Roman sees it as his responsibility to scrutinise the events, images and symbols of the past and remould them into the reality orientated towards the future.


Michela Trovato Giancardillo (1992, Roma, IT) graduated in  2017 from the Master in Cultural Studies from the KU Leuven (BE), after obtaining her  bachelor in History and Tutelage of the Cultural Heritage at the University of Florence (IT). From 2015 to 2019 she worked as a curator and project manager in the Artist in Residence WOW Amsterdam. During her work at WOW Amsterdam, she produced a multitude of projects that reflected the multidisciplinary character of the residency. Facilitating and producing multidisciplinary and site specific projects has been at the core of her practice for about six years.In 2019 and 2020 she worked as a project manager for Museumnacht Amsterdam, where she was in charge of the outreach programme of the stichting in order to broaden the audience of the Museumnacht event.


Contemporaneity through archives

About & Scope of project
MARC aims to produce audio visual projects based on a specific topic with a strong emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration.

MARC will select three artists coming from different disciplines to develop together a new production based on the topic of heritage. This project will take place during the course of two months, with an engagement of 2-3 days per week. We are looking for artists who are ready to contribute with their expertise, knowledge and interest in the topic to our project. 

During this time the artists will be in contact with experts in the field, invited by MARC’s founders, and receive feedback from weekly focus groups (See our method page). The collaborative process will be documented and shared on MARC’s online platform and social media.

As a cultural organization, MARC aspires to be a microcosm of an inclusive society, so we welcome applications from anyone interested in the project.

Theme: Heritage in the Era of the Digital Cloud

“Contemporaneity is a state of being occupied by rhythm, which is not in sync with a human being.”    
(Franco Bifo Berardi)

The theme for the launch of MARC is Heritage in the Era of the Digital Cloud: Contemporaneity Through Archives. The era of the digital cloud puts into question the way we create, preserve and transmit our work.

In which form will our heritage exist in the future? When, how and where do we rediscover the digital media archive? What is the ritual in creating a digital cloud? What kind of heritage are we creating through the digital cloud?

Participating Artists:
  • Kurina Sohn
  • Mirelle van Tulder
  • Robbert van Hulzen


AICF (Artist in Cooperation Fellowship)

Through an open call process, we plan to select three artists coming from different disciplines to work together with us on a specific topic for a period of two months. Each edition will have its own topic.
During this period, we will implement a cutting-edge work method named Artist in Cooperation Fellowship (AICF). The AICF strives to support mutual knowledge, transversal learning and creative productions.
Throughout the two-month period we will video document the inspirational insights of the creation process. The latter will be part of the final exhibition, integrating the process as a special dimension in the final product itself.
The multidisciplinary collaborative process of creation will also be shared on our online platforms to engage our audience.


Get involved

Guests & Focus group

As part of our AICF we will invite as guests experts in the topic we are researching for open forum sessions, these will take place during the research period. The idea started from the need to develop a multidisciplinary thinking during the process period.
The artists involved in the production will have the opportunity to reflect, confront and share ideas with these experts.Indeed, during the open forum sessions the artists will discuss their process of creation related to the topic of interest with the mentors.

The guests of our first AICF are:
  • Sofia Mourato 
  • Paula Albuquerque
  • Annet Dekker

As part of our AICF, we will have three focus group sessions during our production period. 
In these sessions we aim to present and receive feedback on our ongoing production, share and compare our experience with the group, and explore the issues surrounding the topic.
Through the opening up of our project we aim to create a like-minded community around MARC.

The three focus group will take place on the following dates:
-April 22nd from 16:00 to 18:00, the topic of discussion will be our research;
-April 29th from 16:00 to 18:00, the topic of discussion will be the artistic production;
-May 6th from 16:00 to 18:00, the topic of discussion will be our communication strategy;

Want to get involved in our focus group? Send an email to: stichtingmarc.amsterdam@gmail.com or register directly here